Summer Walk


The morning light arrives early.  Sprinklers water grass and get the sidewalks wet enough so that my pup’s paws leave prints as she trots down the sidewalk.  An air conditioning unit buzzes.  A cool breeze blows.  Geraniums tumble out of terra cotta pots and the hydrangea heads are as big as dinner plates.  I focus and savor the moments gratefully.

Sunday Morning Ritual


One of my favorite things to do on Sunday mornings is run up to the donut shop early before tucking in on the couch and watching CBS Sunday Morning.  It’s the most gentle, lovely show on television.  As I start to simplify my spending, I’m looking for things like this.  Things that leave me refreshed, happy and with a lot more hope.  Such a sweet and delicious start to the week.  I couldn’t ask for more.

Girl on the Go: Cannon Beach


Cannon Beach is one of my favorite places.  When a friend invited me to her family’s beach cabin last weekend, I jumped at the chance.  There was coffee, wine, naps outside, shopping and a lot of laughing.

A New to Me Place:  Vino Wine Bar
An Old Favorite: Insomnia Coffee Co.

I also managed to cross watching a sunset off my summer to do list.  Just enough to sigh deeply and start counting down the days to my next trip.  I’m comin’ for you Lake Tahoe.

Every Day Matters


As I’ve been moving through my budget and seeing what can stay and needs to go, I realized there is this slow daily drain.  As I suspected, it was mainly eating and drinking out.  It was definitely a wake up call and shocked me into making coffee at home, bringing my lunch to work and sticking to a grocery budget; however, yesterday I fell into my old patterns.

Coffee and a donut in the morning:  $7
Lunch with a former colleague:  $16

I quickly got myself home before I could do more damage.  While $23 doesn’t seem like that big of a deal on occasion, I was normally spending this (if not more) on a daily basis.  Add that to my weekly spending on groceries and a lot of cash was going out the door each month on food.

I am incredibly grateful I can eat what and where I need to but it isn’t where I want this much of my budget going.  I don’t want to buy more stuff, what I really want is to be traveling more.  It’s what I love.  I also want to feel more financially secure.  And I want to give more–not only money, but of my time and of myself.

I’m still working on my budget and my plan to pay back this debt, but I feel really good about the fast progress made so far.

One day at a time, indeed.

Movie Night: Something’s Gotta Give


I’m not going to lie, this week has been tough.  Identifying where my money is going has been easy.  Breaking up with ingrained habits has been more challenging.  Things definitely feel stark.  Luckily Friday Movie & Pizza Night is a welcome (budget friendly!) distraction.

I already own Something’s Gotta Give.  Curling up with images of a gorgeous beach house and the thought of Paris are exactly what this girl needs.  Because isn’t that the reason for a budget anyway?  To stop spending on that which isn’t meaningful, so you can start spending on things that ARE.

Now please excuse me while I go cry over my frozen pizza.

A Single Girl’s Budget: Breaking My Manicure & Pedicure Habit


I get a manicure every two weeks and a pedicure every month.  That’s almost $100 I spend on keeping color on my nails.  Add that to my $100+ a month coffee habit and hmmm…money is starting to free up rather nicely.

I love getting manicures and pedicures.  But I love the idea of being debt free even more.  When I’m on track with my financial goals, I’ll reassess and maybe add them back in.  But for now?  They’re out.