Movie Night: Trainwreck

Most Friday nights are for comfy clothes, pizza and piling on the couch with a movie that suits the mood.  But some Friday nights?  Are meant for the local boutique movie theater, cocktails and snacks with your girlfriends.  I haven’t laughed that hard at a movie in a very long time.

Summer Walk

The morning light arrives early.  Sprinklers water grass and get the sidewalks wet enough so that my pup’s paws leave prints as she trots down the sidewalk.  An air conditioning unit buzzes.  A cool breeze blows.  Geraniums tumble out of terra cotta pots and the hydrangea heads are as big as dinner plates.  I focus […]

Sunday Morning Ritual

One of my favorite things to do on Sunday mornings is run up to the donut shop early before tucking in on the couch and watching CBS Sunday Morning.  It’s the most gentle, lovely show on television.  As I start to simplify my spending, I’m looking for things like this.  Things that leave me refreshed, […]

Every Day Matters

As I’ve been moving through my budget and seeing what can stay and needs to go, I realized there is this slow daily drain.  As I suspected, it was mainly eating and drinking out.  It was definitely a wake up call and shocked me into making coffee at home, bringing my lunch to work and […]