Okay, Cupid

After a couple of back to back relationships I took a little breather from dating.  As of today that breather is over.  I’m looking forward to seeing what great guys I meet.  (Or you know, just the one great guy I meet.  No pressure. ;))

Easy French Food: Tuna Nicoise

How amazing does this salad look from the Barefoot C, of course.  When I lived in Seattle there was this little french bakery near my office.  They had the best sandwich, a tuna nicoise salad on a croissant.  No wonder all of the little birds that hung around outside were so chubby.  (And yes, I […]

Where to Stay: Paris

The first time I went to Paris we rented the cutest little two bedroom apartment in Monmartre.  It was so lovely to wake up, dash up the street to get croissants in the morning and bring them back to nibble over some coffee before tripping down the hill to catch the metro.  This was seven […]

Movie Night: Trainwreck

Most Friday nights are for comfy clothes, pizza and piling on the couch with a movie that suits the mood.  But some Friday nights?  Are meant for the local boutique movie theater, cocktails and snacks with your girlfriends.  I haven’t laughed that hard at a movie in a very long time.